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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't I Login? What is Favorite on Remote List? Why is My Matchlist Blank?
Can I pay with a check or money order? How do I Upload a Photo?
I paid. Why can't I access paid areas? Why was my account removed? How do I remove my account?
Where is my password? My about me section doesn't save. I want a refund!
Why Can't I Login?

I. Passwords

All passwords generated by our site are case sensitive. This simply means our software recognizes the difference between capital letters and lower case letters.

Cs2W5 cannot be entered as cs2w5. You must enter it exactly as it appears. If you don't it will be rejected.

The most accurate method is to select, copy, and paste the generated passwored in the password box.

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II. Account Removed

If your suddenly unable to access the site. It's highly likely your account was removed for violation of our terms and conditions. This often occurs when contact information is posted in profiles.

II. Conduct

A. Profanity or any other disrespectful unchristian behavior will result in deletion of account without warning.

B. Subscribers are not allowed to post email addresses, instant messengers user name, phone, or any other contact method in their profiles. If members profile is found to contain such information, the members account will be deleted without notice to member. This includes paid member accounts.

Persons in violation will have their IP blocked. They will not be allowed to rejoin or use features of our site.

If you feel this is in error, please contact us.

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III. Cookies

What is a cookie?

A small text file of information that certain Web sites attach to a user's hard drive while the user is browsing the Web site. A Cookie can contain information such as user ID, user preferences, archive shopping cart information, etc.

A. Internet Explorer Cookie Settings.

In some cases browser or other software can cause our cookie to be rejected. In these cases you'll need to readjust theses programs settings.

A. How to change Internet Explorers cookies settings. Detailed IE Cookies / Settings Tutorial

B. Third Party Applications and Cookies.

A third party application can cause our sites cookie to be rejected. These applications include but are not limited to: spyware/adware blockers, cookie managers, and some anti-virus softwares.

If adjusting your Internet Explorer settings does not work. You will need to read the documentation for your specific program and alter it's cookie settings.

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IV. Where is my password?

Important Notice: Email providers Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and others mistake our emails for SPAM! Check your Bulk, Junk, Spam, or Trash folders for our welcome email with your initial password. If it's not in any of those folders, Contact Us immediately!

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What is favorite on remote list?

It is the total of other members who have you on their favorites list.

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Why is My Matchlist Blank?

The matchlist feature requires several minutes to fully load. Please be patient while it loads. The reason it takes awhile to load is due to the number of members we have. The software searches through each and every profile comparing, "what your looking for" with what others are looking for. The results are the given a score out of 210. The higher the number in theory the better the match.

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Can I pay with a check or money order?

No. We no longer accept checks or money orders.

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How do I upload a photo?

Video Tutorial On Upload Photos

1. Login to your account.
2. Move mouse over, My Acccount button
3. Click on Upload Images link.
4. Click on the browse button.
5. Locate your photo on your hard drive.
6. Click the open button.
7. Click the submit button (Your photo will then begin to upload. This can take several minutes depending on your type of Internet connection).
8. Once uploaded you will receive the message, "Image has now been successfully uploaded".
9. Scroll down to below the image. There will be a link that says, "Make this main" click that. That will make that photo your main profile photo.
10. That's it your done. Repeat the process to upload more photos. You are welcome to upload upto 20 photos. Photo galleries are only viewable by paid members.

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I paid. Why can't I access paid areas?

Payments are almost always immediately processed automatically. There are some rare occasions when they are not. This can be caused by not entering the correct username and/or email address.

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How do I delete my account?

Click the link below
Remove Me Now

Please allow upto 24 hours for your account to be permantely deleted. Thanks for your patience.

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My about me section doesn't save!

Your about me section needs to be limited to 500 words. The site will automatically log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity. It's best to write your about me section in notepad and the copy and paste it and then save it. I am unable to check all the various web browsers for compatiblity with the site. If you have an issue, I'd suggest downloading and trying Firefox because that's what I use and the site works appropriately with it. The site likewise might not work with mobile devices. The site uses the same software it did six years ago and technology has changed a lot and may not be backward compatible.

Return to Menu I want a refund!

We do not provide refunds for any reason. This is a standard business practice across all online dating sites. This is a policy we've had in place for the last six years. We make this policy clear throughout the website. In fact to join our service you must accept our "No Refund, No Exception" policy. This policy is no secret and we try to make sure it's very clear, how much clearer could "NO REFUND, NO EXCEPTION" be?

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